Yamaha SG-1600 (1984, Tobacco Sunburst)

Top Yamaha SG in my collection, the rare Yamaha SG-1600 in translucent tobaccoburst finish, in near mint condition. Of all the set neck type Yamaha SGs, this is the top of the range. The SG-1600 is an upgrade from the SG-1000 and early SG-1500 model in the shape of Spinex high output Pick ups. This guitar is a real gem, ebony fingerboard inlaid with real abalone fret markers. The guitar itself plays like a dream, light and fluid, and has been set up with a nice low action. As with many mid 80’s guitars from the Yamaha stable, the finish has aged a bit with a cloudy lustre due to interaction of the lacquer with UV light. The guitar is in real good condition with no scratches or dents, only some tarnishing of the brass hardware creating a nice patina and giving the guitar ounces of mojo.  The guitar is quite heavy, and this particular model is also kitted out with coil taps, giving an enormous tonal range and variation. The guitar came with original orange lined case.  Weight of guitar approx. 4.4 Kgs, neck width at nut approx. 4.2 cm.