Yamaha SC Series

During the 1970’s Yamaha was extensively experimenting with sound combinations and players handle-ability of the guitars it designed. In addition to the SG and Les Paul models, Yamaha produced a type guitar called the SuperStrat and called it a Supercombinator due to the fact it had 3 single coil pick ups with a great variety of tonal combinations.  The SC was issued as 3 differing ranges of electric guitar each range with a small variety to the other, The 1st and most well known were produced in 1979-1981, these SC or Supercombinator models had the type printed on the headstock.
The earliest series was distinctly a Stratocaster modelled  style guitar. This early range comprises of the bolted neck SC-700, SC-800, SC-1000 and the thru neck SC-1200.

Series 2 was modelled on a hybrid of the Strat and SG style guitar, with single coils, launched in 1980 the 3000, the 5000 and the 7000. there was a 3rd series that more or less comprised a hybrid of the aforementioned 2 with the Samurai Surf guitars from the 1960’s