Yamaha SA-90, 1974, Natural Wood

No guitar collection is complete without some semi acoustic guitars. Now back in time, when Carlos Santana was consulted for his part in the development of the now famous Yamaha SG-2000, Yamaha Corp had just release two interesting solid body guitars, the Yamaha SG-90 and legendary Yamaha SG-175. Yamaha Corp had developed some interest semiacoustics, however, in 1974 the Yamaha SA-60 and SA-90 were released. These were the top of the range semiacoustics that Yamaha produced. High quality maple formed and moulded into a beautifully crafted semiacoustic. Quite a bit larger that’s the Gibson 335 or 339, theseguitar resonated well even when played unplugged. The large hollow body is craftfully made with ebony fingerboard, real abalone and finished off with gold hardware. With a three way toggle switch within two dual humbuckers, similarly found in the SG-175 give the guitar a great solid punch and the set neck construction with glued in neck gives it ample sustain. The headstock is quite large and finished off in a lovely wood finish. Stunning.