Yamaha SX-800B (Black, 1977)

Does anyone know this type of electric guitar or has come across one? A Japanese friend of mine told me that these guitars are quite rare, even in Japan. Initial production started alongside the Yamaha SG range; The Yamaha SX 800B sports 3 independent single coil, high output pick ups and its tonal variety and range is immense, varying from soulful and clear, to a powerful growl. As a collector of Yamaha SG’s, Studio Lords and Super Combinators (SC’s). It feels like a fusion of the SC and SG….

There are some indications this type was in use by Tommy Bolin with Deep Purple and earlier by Rory Gallagher… For photo’s see: http://www.rorygallagher.com/#/archives/guitars/sx800b Very Rare guitar, even in Japan.