Yamaha SG-1500 (1976, Cherry Sunburst)

Here the heaviest of the Yamaha SG range the phenomenal rare and all original 1st issue Yamaha SG-1500, 1976, good condition for its near 40 years….in delicious Cherry Sunburst. A true Rock Beast!
Not many of these about anymore, as it was produced in far fewer numbers than the famous Yamaha SG-2000 that was sported by Carlos Santana for his Moonflower recordings and subsequent releases. This is an awesome machine, it may look simpler than the SG-2000, with its dot markers and ebony fret board. However the SG-2000 is more common than this rock axe.  The guitar is fitted with a set neck with tenon joint construction and solid chrome sustain plate is fitted under the bridge for maximum sustain.