Fender Starcaster (1977, Natural Wood)

Here we have a 1977 Fender Starcaster, an offset semi-hollow body electric guitar made by the Fender company. The Starcaster, lik3 this natural wood example, was part of Fender’s attempt to enter the semi-hollowbody market, which was dominated by Gibson ES-335 and similar models.
The Starcaster was designed by Gene Fields to be a high quality instrument, although it was manufactured at a time when Fender’s standards had lowered considerably. Unlike most semi-hollow guitars which had their necks set in the bodies in the traditional style, the Starcaster retained Fender’s bolt-on neck design, which at the time, used a three-bolt joint. The Starcaster was in production from 1976 to 1982. Guitar is in great condition and lives in its case.