Gibson RD Artist (1981/2, Tobacco Sunburst)

Here one of the flagship guitars of Gibson’s Guitar development, a 1981/2 Gibson RD Artist. Unusual Gibson guitar and top of the range with factory fitted Moog electronics circuitry. This is an 1981/2 issue, designed by Gibsons R& D team and first issued in 1977, hence the prefix RD Artist. Like all the Moog equipped guitars, this is a pandoras box with all the sound options. Simply stunning sound. In addition to simple tone volume, it has a ” Bright” switch and “Expander / compression” circuits. Guitar plays like a dream and is set up lovely and low. Body and neck are in superb condition and the hardware has acquired some cool patina. Frets are in excellent shape and the ebony fretboard plays nice and smooth. Lives in its rectangular hard case.