Gibson SG Models

In 1961 Gibson Music Co had started to see sales of the Les Paul models decline and aimed to reinvigorate sales with a newly designed model. The guitar in question would become known as the Gibson SG model. Although initially dubbed the Gibson Les Paul, Les Paul himself appeared to have not been happy with the design and the guitar was subsequently renamed SG, meaning Solidbody Guitar. A number of variations of this new Les Paul appeared with varying degrees of finish and style. Most notably were the Les Paul SGs fitted with a tremolo system that allowed for multiple string bending etc. Initially a sideways trem was used that later on moored into a floating trem system allowing for better tone maintaining.

The SG a,though initially thought to be not as commercially successful as the lakes Paul models would go on to become one of rocks iconinc guitars with a dedicated player base and following. Notable players are Mary Ford, Angus Young, Tony Iommi and many more.

Some examples in my collection

Gibson RI, 1961, 2013

Gibson SG- Deluxe, 3-Pup, 2012

Gibson SG-1961 RI