Yamaha Superflighters

After Yamaha’s  initial success with the SG and Les Paul type guitars, a new model was introduced, The Superflighter . The Yamaha Super Flighter appeared in Yamahas 1978 catalogue. Between 1977 and 1984 there were three quite different generations of Super Flighter produced, and although the first generation remains the most favoured with the SF-500, 700 and SF-1000 the 2nd and 3rd type models despite some super types like the SF-400 and active SF-600 with excellent performance, the have all but faded into relative obscurity. The three different types each included unique design and play features which were a testament to Yamaha’s continuing guitar innovation. Superflighters can still be found amongst player, notably “Big Country” and Skids still use then, albeit kitted out with bespoke “Ghost” pickups.

In my collection there are some examples of each of the categories