Yamaha SG-1966, 20-Y Anniversary Issue

Rare Yamaha SG-1966, 20 Year Anniversary Issue 1/20

Probably the rarest of all my Yamaha SGs in the collection, along with the Yamaha SG-25s and SG-175. The story goes that a legendary Shibuya music shop in Tokyo Japan celebrated 20 years anniversary and a commissioned Yamaha Music Corp to issue a selected 20-lot Yamaha SG guitar production run. These SGs were made celebrating both Yamaha Electric Guitar production since 1966, an anniversary coinciding with the existence of the Shibuya music shop.

This is one of them, a Custom Shop made guitar with elements of the legendary Yamaha SG-175, SG-3000 and SG-1000. The truss-rod cover is embossed with the wording SG-1966 and Shibuya.

The guitar itself is light compared to the well known SG-2000 and 3000 and plays exceedingly easy with a light touch. A al beauty to look at and with its Spinex pick ups it sounds like killer guitar too.