Yamaha SG-1996 (1996, 30-Yr Anniv. Issue, Cherry Sunburst)

In the  collection, a rare anniversary issue SG; Yamaha celebrated 30 years of electric guitar making with this electric guitar the Yamaha SG-1996. This guitar is from a limited 300 piece Custom Shop run to commemorate Yamaha 30-year electric guitar making. This guitar is a hybrid between SG-1000, 3000 sporting a beautiful maple flame cap placed on a high quality mahogany body.

This is one of them, a Custom Shop made guitar with elements of the legendary Yamaha SG-3000 and SG-1000. The truss-rod cover is embossed with the wording SG-1996 and the 30 year anniversary is embossed in the fret board. This is serial number 109 of 300

The guitar itself is light compared to the well known SG-2000 and 3000 and plays exceedingly easy with a light touch. A al beauty to look at and with its Spinex pick ups it sounds like killer guitar too. Came with its original Yamaha anniversary case.