Yamaha SG-800s (Indigo Blue, 1983)

Yamaha SG-800s Standard in absolute mint condition, lovely deep indigo blue. The Yamaha SG-800s was the work horse as well as flagship SG that would compete with the Gibson Standard, hence the denomination SG-800 Standard. Kitted out with 2 powerful Alnico V pick ups and a coil tapping as factory standard this is a rocky little brother of the acclaimed Yamaha SG-2000 and SG-1000 that was developed back in the 1970’s, the guitar plays like a dream, light and fluid, with nice low action. The guitar is quite a bit less heavy than the SG-2000 series with a set neck and rosewood fret-board. It is a very pretty guitar as the metallic particles light up in direct light. The guitar has no tarnishing of any of the pristine chrome and there are no scratches of any significance, no dents either, the guitar appears to have been a case queen.