Yamaha LP-800 Custom (1980s, Black)

Here a rare Yamaha LP-800 C, the 1980s top of the range version of Japanese Yamaha Les Paul model, these models were produced during the late 1970’s till the late 1980s, along the well known Yamaha SG range.This Yamaha LP-1000 Custom was produced in Yamaha’s Matsumoku’s Custom shops and was deemed the top type of the Yamaha Les Paul model (SL/LP) range. The guitar sports a solid body, fitted with a set neck, ebo fretboard, gold hardware, dual metal covered Yamaha Humbuckers. The guitar body is decorated with mother of pearl fret markers and cream binding that has beautifully aged to a cream yellow hue. These were much more than Yamaha’s Gibson Les Paul copies, these were solid quality guitars built from quality wood and materials. A quality vintage guitar, killer looks, great tone and sound and oozing of mojo and vintage vibe..