Gibson Flying V2 (Walnut, 1980)

Here we have a another Gibson Flying V2, an 1980 model of the same experimental design V2 design. Also here the boomerang shaped Tim Shaw inspired pick ups.

Generally, the  V2 model has the general shape of previous Flying V’s but the V2 sported a 5-layered sculptured walnut and maple body. Initially these guitars came in either Maple or Walnut for the top & bottom layer known at Gibson as the “Sandwich”. This model is less pronounced “Walnut” than the other V2 in the collection but nevertheless a great guitar.

Also here Vol/Tone Knobs were placed off the pick guard, and with a Pearl Gibson logo. Two solid brass 5/8 studs known as the “Sustain Sisters” and an ebony fret board with low and fast frets.