Yamaha SG-1500 (1982, Red)

Another rare Yamaha SG, the Yamaha SG-1500 in translucent red. The Yamaha SG 1500 guitar is an example of a top quality build guitar. It sports a Mahogany body with thru neck, rosewood fret board, Split wing fret-board position markers. Gold plated Hardware, Twin hum-buckers, coil tapping option. The guitar is quite heavy with lots of sustain, No sustain plate fitted under bridge and no pick-guard as standard.

The Yamaha SG-1500 is the in-betweenie for the renowned Yamaha SG-2000 and Yamaha SG-1000 made famous by musicians such as Carlos Santana and Bob Marley. Set up with low action and kitted out with powerful double hum buckers make for a killer guitar.