Yamaha SX-Series

Yamaha SX-Series – “The Devils Head” Guitar

The SX models were in the day also known as the “Devilhead Guitars” and along with the SG were developed after the earlier SG-90/175 that were made 1974-75. The SX was short lived and last models were issued in 1976/8. The A models were kitted out with hum-buckers and the B models had typically  3 single coils pickups. The construction materials varied between the early SX models and the later 800 & 900 A and B versions. The B version was made out of Japanese Ash (Sen) for the body and neck, with an ebony finger board. Notable players were Tommy Bolin and Rory Gallagher. The Yamaha SX-800 and 900 B sport 3 independent single coil,  pick ups that can be selected with a 5 way slider switch a

There are indications this type of guitar was in use by Tommy Bolin with Deep Purple and earlier by Rory Gallagher… For photo’s see: http://www.rorygallagher.com/#/archives/guitars/sx800b.  The SX-guitars are generally rare guitars even in Japan.

Examples in the collection are the Yamaha SX-80 (Wood, 1974), SX-800A (Black, 1976), SX-800B (Black, Red, 1976-8), SX-900A

Yamaha SX-800A Black, 1976

Yamaha SX-800B Red, 1976

Yamaha SX-900A, 1976