BC Rich Mockingbird “ Badass” Bass, (1979, Koa)

One of the best bass guitars in my collection a rare and great looking BC Rich Bass from 1979, in Koa finish and made in USA. The bass is the usual mockingbird shape with odd angles and a well constructed thru neck. It is an active bass with bass and treble tone and master volume that both drives the passive and active circuit. The active circuit can be by-passed giving a dual split humbucker combination with 3 switches for in/phase/out/phase etc. hence the combinations of tone and volume are endless. The guitar plays extremely well and with its 24-fret it can be played in both bass and guitar fashion. the body is very well balanced and handles very well.

Its a pretty bass with mixture of attractive woods masterfully put together and a joy for the eye as well as the ear. A rare and truly great bass that measures well up against the Alembics and WALs of this world.