WAL Mk2 Bass (1992, Wenge, 5-String)

Here a WAL Mark II 5-string bass guitar. Handcrafted in the Electric Wood Co, hand-made, custom, bass numbered WAL.The bass body and neck are composed from a mixture of high quality woods.  Most notable are Brazilian mahogany core, American walnut/ Wenge facing and Indian rose fretboard. The backplate has a Serial number W-3392 engraved
According to the History of Wal Basses website, the bass has “twin pickups with a powerful active circuit offering volume, pickup pan and separate tone controls for each pickup. The volume included a push/pull knob which also activated the ‘pick-attack’ adding a band of high frequency tones ideal for cutting through a muddy live mix. The tones are low-pass controls governing each pickup. They also each have a push/pull switch which activates a boost giving a more ‘active’ tone. An XLR output is fitted standard on all ‘Custom series’ basses”. This bass is quite heavy, but balances well.