Rickenbacker 360 (2001, Jetglo)

Here a Rickenbacker 360 Jetglo, made in USA in 2001 and is a stunning guitar. The 360 design appeared in the 1960s and has been updated over time to incorporate modern upgrades like Schaller tuners and Hi-gain pickups. The guitar has a classic sound and has the now well recognisable Rickenbacker look. The sound is quite different from a 330 inasmuch that there appears to be a higher output, these Hi gain pickups are according the spec sheet, more tightly wound and have exposed adjustable pole pieces to achieve a fatter tone. The neck has an easy accessible 24 3/4″ Scale Length, a bit shorter than the average Fender Strat, but bang on the Gibson LP range. The guitar body and neck are typically made of maple and the fingerboard is lacquered rose wood. Tuners are Schaller chrome type tuners. Guitar lives in its hard case