Fender Stratocaster (2000s, Mary Kaye model, Cream White)

Here a smooth looking Fender Stratocaster Mary Kaye model made in USA 2019, in a cream white finish with factory fitted gold hardware. One of my finer fender signature model guitars, unmolested and pretty much unplayed. The Mary Kaye standard Strat. Standard maple fretboard and ash body comprising the simple but classic 1950s Strat look.  It’s a responsive guitar and easy to play. Lives in its Fender tweed case.

Mary Kaye was in the day known as the “First Lady of Rock and Roll” for her guitar-based, calypso mixed, swing music. Furthermore Mary Kaye was a musical innovator who helped pioneer Vegas originated lounge music. Although, one of the most surprising aspects of the story of the “Mary Kaye” Strat, is that Kaye never really owned, and rarely played, the guitar that informally bears her name as pictured on a promotional photo of the Mary Kaye trio from 1957