New Endorsee – Liam Fender

Here the latest Ghost Guitar Pickups UK & Elite Vintage Guitars endorsee Liam Fender. Liam and I pictured sporting two rare and 1960s Yamaha SA-15 guitars that are about to receive the Ghost treatment.
Keep your eyes and ears open for Liam’s upcoming EP in the coming months and hear these fantastic beasts in action. More to follow so watch this space! In the meantime please welcome Liam to the fold.




We’re in…!!

My pal Dave and I are in June’s issue of Guitar Magazine….!!

The article features our guitar collections, and what we do with it, with collaboration with current and established Rock bands like Big Country, Skids, Zal Cleminson’s /Sin ‘ Dogs / and more….8-9 pages, check it out!





Bill McGonagle of Zal Cleminson’s /Sin’Dogs/

Bill McGonagle here testing out a rare active 1981/6 Yamaha Superflighter SF-600, in rare Racing Green…..



Zal Cleminson’s /Sin’Dogs/

 Zal and the boys are now well established and getting more and more press. So it is time to introduce you to their new Elite Vintage Guitars, here we have a 1977 Yamaha SG-700, in addition to the awesome 1974 Yamaha SG-90, Zal is bouncing on stage with a Gibson L-6s both with Ghost Pick ups, bespoke made. 

The band have come on leaps and bounds and a collaboration with Guthrie Govan is in the offing too…..so check em out,  I must say this outfit is one of the most promising, up and coming outfits in the hard rock scene. Watch this space…..




Richard Jobson – Skids

Welcome come to the Endorsee club, Mr Jobson. Here we have what looks like a happy, focused, Singer Songwriter, Musician…Mr Lord of the Skids (Frontman of the Skids) following roadside delivery of Elite Vintage Guitars’ Vintage Yamaha SL-400s (1980), kitted out with Bespoke RJ Pickups by Wilfs Ghost Guitar Pickups….


ZALCleminson’s /Sin’Dogs/ at Winterstorm, Troon
November 23, 2018 at Winterstorm, saw Sin’Dogs on fire at the main stage at this rock festival at Troon, this time with one of EVGs endorsement Yammies, a Yamaha SG-90 from 1974.

Welcome come to the Endorsee club, Mr Butler.

Here we have what looks like a happy, grinning Singer Songwriter, Musician…Mr Tony Butler (Former BC Country bassist and band member) following delivery of Elite Vintage Guitars’ Vintage Yamaha SG-700 (1977), kitted out with TB Butler Bucker Pickups by Wilfs Ghost Guitar Pickups UK on long-term loan


Zal Cleminson’s/Sin’Dogs/

/Sin’Dogs/ are teaming up with us to further improve their overall sound, the band with veteran guitarist rockers Alistair McDonald “Zal” Cleminson, and William “Bill” McGonagle have been over to explore the various options, no doubt Wilf of Ghost Pickups will be part of the party to do just that. Needless to say both gents were quite taken by some of the Yammie SGs and and favourite a Gibson Marauder. More to follow.

Update, checked out the band during live performance. Great show, great energy.  atmosphere, venue was slightly smallish with stone walls (Caves, Vaults). Gear PRS (Bill) and Custom Single hum (Zal), Sadowsky Act. (Nelson) . Good ideas how to further improve the sound. Earmarked, Yam SG-700/800 and Gibson L-6s. Gonna be epic with Ghost Pick  ups bespoke Pickups. As for the Bass line. The Sadowsky Active sounded awesome, driving at times, but had to compete with the keyboard. Possibly Stingray, WAL or Yam BB-5000 active. Here some impressions….

Zal Cleminsons /Sin ‘ Dogs/ on the job

Zal Cleminsons /Sin ‘ Dogs/ on the Job..



In the pipeline

In the pipeline


Big Country update

Big Country continues with successful tour, teams up with Skids and From the Alarm..

Good to see the Elite Vintage Guitars’ Yamaha SG-50s (1973) kitted out with Ghost pick ups in action at the Glasgow Bandstand venue. The are some of the backbone guitars for the BC sound.


New to the Club, Mr Gareth Ayers, Session Bassist T’Pau, Martha & Vandellas and more

Wilf and myself are now endorsing Mr Gareth “Gaz” Ayers, a seasoned bassist, a proper ” Mod” judging from his collection of guitars and vintage Vespa’s. The latest endorsed is a Yamaha super combinator SC-800 1983 in cream white with endless tone and sounds, powered by Wilf Magic trick box the Ghost Pick ups. The pro set up and the Getting-The-Geet ready for business was fine by pal Pete Green of Burnopfield. Gaz has been test driving this beast now and is only just short of taking off into rock orbit at Warp speed!!


Update January 2017 – New “Old” Geetars for “The Skids” – Yamaha SG-200 (1983)

In addition to the work between Ghost Pick ups and Elite Vintage Guitars, we are also kitting out the Skids for their upcoming 40year anniversary tour and work on their new album to commemorate this. AS the guitar tunings are vastly different from the “big Country” sound a multiple set of guitars is required reflecting the variety in tuning. No problem as Wilf Vissenga and I are keen to get these boys off to a flying start.

So here they are : The Skids with the start of the new Elite Vintage Gear and Ghostified oickups, just check out Bruce Watson with that Yammie SG-200 in action. The SG played by Jamie Watson, is their old stock SG-500 from 40 years ago.  So here too a with Ghost Pickups Another fine collaboration between Ghost Guitar Pickups and Elite Vintage Guitars especially for Bruce and Jamie Watson of Skids and Big Country on their UK tour !
We can’t wait to see and hear them on the big  stage very soon!


Update November 2016 – New “Old” Geetars for “Big Country” – Yamaha Super Combinator SC-800/1200 (1979)

Kitted out with Ghost Pickups “Restless Natives”. These natives are looking very restless indeed! Wait till plugged in!!!
Another fine collaboration between Ghost Guitar Pickups and Elite Vintage Guitars especially for Bruce and Jamie Watson of Big Country on their UK tour !
We can’t wait to see and hear them on the big stage very soon!

Below pics from Wilfs Work shop



November 2016 ) Update “Big Country – Big Sound!!”

Well, that’s the final selection to completion of the guitar “sound” of “Big Country” and “Skids” done, finally 6 carefully selected hi-qual Japanese Elite Vintage Guitars (see www.elitevintageguitars.com for details), Yamaha Superflighter SF-500 (1977), SF-700 (1978); Yamaha Supercombinator SC-800 (1979), SC-1200, and some early pre-Carlos Santana Yamaha SG-50/70 (1973) have been selected to deliver the current and future sound of these 2 iconic bands. All guitars look and sound great, however sound even better with Wilf Vissenga‘s superhot Ghost Pickups, tailored to each individual Guitar / Play style for an even better sound.
This Vintage Guitar/Ghost pickup combination is the brainchild of Elite Vintage Guitars and Ghost Guitar pickups UK Ltd (www.ghostguitarpickups.com), for more details follow link to each of the websites, or call or email us.
Below see some pics of Bruce Watson and Jamie Watson playing on stage and test driving some of these iconic and often rare axes….. Cheers J



October 2016) Elite Vintage Guitars has been successfully teaming up with Ghost Guitar Pickups UK (Wilf Vissenga) to provide iconic bands “Big Country” and “the Skids” with a high quality vintage Yamaha SF-700, modded with super hot “Field of Fire” Ghost Pick ups.

Here we have the birth of the “Superfrightr SF-700, with Wilf and Jay then Bruce taking delivery and testing the “Beast”……no doubt you will all be hearing and seeing this axe and more in action soon.

Check out the Big Country’s Facebook page and website http://www.bigcountry.co.uk/