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Hi Y’all, my name is Jay and I have started this blog regarding my collection of vintage guitars, simply because I dig them and they are a joy to play. My guitar collection started about 40 years ago with my first Pearl SG Copy,  then a cherry sunburst Yamaha SG-700 guitar, and when I was into prog rock, metal and rock and roll. Many moons later, the collection has grown a bit and is scattered in various places, some are in UK and some are in my native Holland .

My collection is mainly Japanese, Taiwanese and Korean stuff like Yamaha, Ibanez, Aria although I dig some of the old USA stuff like Peavey, Guild, Musicman, Fender, too.

Collecting guitars needs  space, which isn’t much about, not good when suffering from GAS (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome) , so to make space for “new stuff” ,  I punt some geets off  so, if you are looking for something a bit different,  check it out. Most stuff stays in the collection but some are up for grabs and marked – FS.


Some noteworthy guitars from my collection  include the world famous early 1970s Yamaha SG-175, made by Yamaha for Carlos Santana and some other rare Yamaha or other Les Paul models from the 1970s, for example the beautifully crafted LP in honeyburst, made for Jimmy Page (see picture below).




Some of the  “excess stuff” is displayed and sold via Simon from “Ayr Guitar” and Brian  of “The Berwick Music Gallery” who  kindly offered me space in their music shops, and are keen to help you try out one of these, cheers Jay

Yamaha SG's at Berwick Music Gallery

The Music Gallery Berwick

Yamaha SGs at Ayr Guitar

Ayr Guitar

16 comments on “Elite Vintage Guitars – About

  1. Bought a Yamaha SL 400 from Jay cant put it down LOBE IT Thanks again SG 2000 next Please Andy

  2. Was looking to replace an SG 1000 I rather stupidly part exchanged for a Bass amp some 30 years ago ….. had never purchased anything this big before online and must admit was more than a bit nervous about doing so

    I need not have worried ….. Jay was a pleasure to deal with and I got myself an excellent guitar, which looks good, plays really well and sounds great ….. what more can I say, I’m very happy with the result

  3. Just bought a very nice Yamaha SG700s from Jay. A fantastic looking and sounding guitar. Jay is a very knowledgeable guy and it was a pleasure to do business with him. If I’m ever fortunate enough to be in the position for a much sought after SG2000 I know where to come 🙂 I would have no hesitation in recommending Jay to anyone… Thanks Jay.

  4. Im so thankful to Jay! thanks so much for your help and kindness! the SG1000 guitar is so great and good condition just as Jay sayed! I didnt worry at all thru the whole process! the guitar arrived in 2 days to Hungary!!! I can absolutely recommend him to deal with, he is so patient and helpful! keep in touch!!! greetings from Hungary

  5. Just bought an SG1000N, Indigo blue finish from Jay. Really pleased with the guitar and the excellent service from Jay. The guitar was as described and how I had hoped it would be. Great communication, fast turnaround, excellently packaged. I would recommend Jay to anyone looking to buy a guitar and goes without saying he is an authority on the vintage Yamahas.

  6. The yamaha sg700 was in better condition than in the photos, not a mark on it and for a 1979 guitar thats amazing, the guitar was hand delivered by Jay so got to meet the man him self, great knowledge on guitars and a great man to speak with.

  7. Jay, thank you for your time recently to allow me to try out numerous SG 2000s’ (and other guitars) from your very fine collection of rare and beautiful instruments. Your knowledge and guidance in helping me to choose the right guitar are all highly commendable and very much appreciated. The brown (tobacco) sunburst 1981 Yamaha SG 2000 settled on, looks and sounds tremendous (even before making any adjustments to match my playing style). Your pledge of aftersales support for spares, etc. (if needed) made it possible to buy with confidence. Thank you again Jay. It was a genuine pleasure making your acquaintance. Keep up the great work!

  8. Hello.

    I’ve just acquired a 1978 SG1500 Cherry, S.N. 001373.
    Oh My Goodness!!
    I don’t think I’ll be playing my Gold-Top or 335 for quite some time.
    A question, if I may…
    Is it possible to obtain a replacement (silver coloured) bridge?
    The original is doing the usual Tune-O-Matic trick and starting to collapse.
    Thanks in advance for your input.


  9. I just picked up my used Wal 5 custom that was delivered here in the US and it is better than the description! Jay is a great guy to deal with as he takes care of every detail. Well packed and shipped out quickly.

  10. I met up with Jay, who kindly drove down from Norwich to deliver a Yamaha SL700s – tobacco burst, with split coil pickups. First class guy, very knowledgeable and passionate about guitars and music. Needless to say the guitar is super and looks gorgeous. Great tone too. If you are looking for quality Yamaha guitars from a cast iron genuine seller, look no further!

  11. Just bought a Superflighter 500 from Jay today. The guitar is in excellent condition and beautiful to play. I’m delighted! Jay was welcoming, patient and well informed. He had a number of guitars out to try and compare. His passion and enthusiasm for these outstanding guitars is clear. Thanks Jay.

  12. Just received my Yamaha SG500, Joey hand delivered the guitar to my door at no extra cost to me which is a fantastic service, he also offered a courier service for those out of the way places.
    I have always wanted an sg, and even though this is a 1978 im certainly not disappointed in the condition it is in, yeah it has a few bumps but to me this is character, history….
    Even though i now have my guitar i will still be checking out this site “just in case” i am in the position to get another, Joey has massive knowledge on these instruments and im sure if you have any questions he will be too happy to help you out.
    Thanks mate….

  13. Hi Jay,just want to say your site is guitar heaven for me as an SG lover,I will be in Edinburgh in mid August and have planned a day trip with my very understanding wife,s permission who shall be with me,I thought I,d just message your site in advance to let you know how excited I am about seeing so many amazing guitars from your collection in one place, cheers JP Dunne 🙂

  14. I have an sa 2000 s Yamaha. What sort of value should this be insured for? Very good condition, never been modified as far as I can see. With original case.

  15. This site was clearly made with me in mind. Can’t seem to let go of MSG, SG1300T and SG1000.

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