About the collection

Hi Y’all, my name is Jay and I started this blog of my collection of  guitars, because I dig them….

My guitar collection started over 45 years ago with my first Japanese Pearl SG Copy (Yeah the same that makes Drumkits), followed by a Yamaha SG-500 guitar, when I was into progressive rock, metal and rock and roll. Many moons later, the collection has grown and is scattered in various places, both in UK and some in my native Holland .

My collection is a mix of Japanese , UK and USA stuff like Yamaha, WAL, Status, Peavey, Guild, Musicman, Fender, Gibson

Collecting guitars requires space, not good with GAS (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome). From time to time, i free up space for “new stuff”, thankfully, FleaBay, Gummytree  or FB marketplace are available for swapping out duplicates, although most stuff stays in the collection.

Some notable guitars in the collection include a Yamaha SG-175, Gibson Mini Kessel prototype and Peavey Prototype T-25, uncommon Black Guild Brian May and other unusual guitar models. Sadly some have flown the nest but it’s still cool to have some memorable pics here as they were once part of the collection.

Some snapshots from the collection


25 comments on “About the collection

  1. Bought a Yamaha SL 400 from Jay cant put it down LOBE IT Thanks again SG 2000 next Please Andy

  2. Received my LP800 Custom today (Black Beauty). Excellent guitar in beautiful condition. Jay was great to deal with & packaged the guitar extremely well. Chuffed.

  3. Hello.

    I’ve just acquired a 1978 SG1500 Cherry, S.N. 001373.
    Oh My Goodness!!
    I don’t think I’ll be playing my Gold-Top or 335 for quite some time.
    A question, if I may…
    Is it possible to obtain a replacement (silver coloured) bridge?
    The original is doing the usual Tune-O-Matic trick and starting to collapse.
    Thanks in advance for your input.


  4. I own a Yamaha SG vintage guitar. I believe it was a 1983 model actually purchased in Tokyo, Japan. My mum got it for me when I was a wee little babe. I treasure it immensely and it has served me well and continues to be my main electric guitar. I will never ever part with it.

  5. Hi I was told that you know a good bit about Japan guitar and I was wondering if you could help me I’d this Chambered les paul I belive it to be a National but the neck has a zero fret and it’s making me think that the neck isn’t original and the body is only single bound not double so if you could help me out that be great

  6. I am the owner of a brown sunburst SBG200 Yamaha – a beautiful guitar! I have searched and searched and cannot answer the following questions, and (considering your collection and the fact you own a SG200) I am hoping you can help – so far, even Yamaha themselves cannot answer the questions. 1) What year (or years) was the SBG200 marketed in the USA? 2) How many of them (approximately) were sold in the USA when they were being marketed? I’ve had this guitar 20 years and would love to find the answers; Thanks! – Don

  7. Been smitten with SG’s since witnessing Stuart Adamson back in the day.
    Fantastic collection and a joy to see that you are in my home town of Aberdeen, where I worshipped at the alter of Adamson.
    Though no longer a resident, I remain forever a “restless native”…

  8. Love those Yammies !!

    Hey, can you tell me how to decode the SN on an SG-2000?

    I just picked one up off of CL and would like to know the production date.

  9. I absolutely love your SGs! I am an SG die hard. Currently trying to seek out an original 1961-63 Les Paul SG and something with a Maestro. The green one is so unusual I love that guitar!!

  10. Hi Guys! I saw your collection in Guitar magazine. I was hoping you could tell me the brand of the metal, wall mount track hangers you have? Thanks in advance!

  11. We were searching for an unusual, visually interesting and importantly a very playable Guitar for a rather famous US actor. Our brief was simple, its got to be “super cool”. Luckily Jay seems to have a crazy selection of truly beautiful guitars that are also very rare. Jay was an utter pleasure to deal with and always keen to go above and beyond with knowledge, advice and practical help.

  12. I suffer from Mockingbird Acquisition Syndrome, so naturally I have to ask about the Koa and Maple US made Mocks….

  13. Was already looking very long for a deep green Yamaha SG-2000 like Stuart Adamson played it on those classic earyl BIG COUNTRY tracks like “Wonderland”. Found this place and got one of those rare guitars Joey has in his collection. It is liek a dream come true. This instrument is now my #1 guitar, in looks and even more ins sounds (not to speak of the built quality). Can recommend the collection to anyone who ist interested in such fine instruments. Thx, Joey!

  14. I have a YSG1 circa ’88 that I bought new while living in Japan. I had several guitars already and fell in love with the YSG1 because of the beautiful blue sunburst and gold hardware and amazing voice. I barely played this guitar. It is in almost pristine condition. No marks anywhere on her. The only thing that shows her age is the patina of the gold at the bridge. I wanted it for the blues phase I was going through at the time haha. She is immaculate. Soft case and original all around, even the strap which is quick release. Solid and heavy. I have been thinking about taking her to a guitar shop along with my other last remaining electric and trading them both in for something new. Trying to reduce the amount of stuff I have… go to just one instead of 2, plus I have 4 acoustics, a bass, violin, mandolin and a Cordoba mini (for travel).

    Do you think I should trade her in on a new guitar ?

    • Hi Jerry, the YSG unfortunately is an underrated guitar, well built and able to produce a variety of tones…. if I were in your shoes I’d keep it, as the trade in value does not reflect the build and quality.. the YSG is uncommon and you’d be kicking yourself down the line of getting rid of it…

  15. Hello and Good Morning

    How are you- love the collection.
    I especially enjoy the 2013 SG Deluxe in Red

    Would you be interested in selling it ?
    Thank you

  16. Hi! I was hoping to get some info on the Gibson Les Paul Standard DC (Charcoal, 2002) you have listed in the gallery. Please get back to me when you have a moment! Thanks!

  17. Bought a Yamaha sg 1000 in tobacco sunburst a few months back. Had this guitar for a while and it totally lives up to the legendary status! Jay was also really nice to work with and the guitar arrived safely and fast! Am most likely to buy another guitar one day. Thanks Again!

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