Gibson EB-3 Bass (1968, Red)

Here we have an EB-3 Bass, made in 1968, by Gibson in the Kalamazoo factory. The 1960s EB-3 model was very popular with British bands of the time. Jack Bruce, bass player with Cream had a very distinctive style which was closely associated with the short scale EB-3s he played, this one 30 1/2 inch. The bass is made from one-piece mahogany body and set neck. The body is relatively small (only slightly larger than a same-period SG guitar) and this model is equipped with a slotted head stock. Highest production of the EB models ranged from 1969-1971; a bit of research shows there were around about 2000 guitars shipped each of those years. The EB range remained popular in the early seventies but fell during 1973-4 and beyond.

The pictured EB-3 is quite typical for its vintage; large neck humbucker and a mini hum-bucker in he bridge position. 2-point bridge with mutes and a cover over the bridge. The average weight was great, a mere 3.7 kgs. This model is clean with all the trimmings on it and the rotary selector switch giving a wide range of tone. Guitar lives in its shaped case.