Gibson Les Paul Custom ‘54 RI (1990s, Black Beauty)

This 1990s Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty is a fine solid body guitar with the jet black body, and the factory fitted Bigsby in gold and indeed it is. It is one of the top guitars in the collection and has the standard  neck of a Les Paul Custom profile. Therefore we have here a gorgeous Gibson Les Paul Custom with a spec featuring that desirable easy accessible neck coupled with a heavy solid body guitar harking back to the Customs of the 1950s era with a great bit of rock mojo. This guitar is an old school design of beauty with its understated simple and classy black top. The instrument has a fantastic feel and killer look to it, sound wise it is awesome too as it is kitted out with great ’54 RI stock pickups. The fret board is proper quality ebony and plays light and fluid. Guitar is a great player and lives in its custom shop hard-case.