Gibson Les Paul Recording (1977/8, Cream White)

Here we have a rare Cream White Gibson Les Paul Recording guitar. The recording is a guitar well ahead of its time, sporting a vast array of tone options. With the discontinuation of the Les Paul Personal in 1969, Gibson used some of Les Paul’s innovations for the guitar that was to become his favourite model, the Les Paul Recording Model. This guitar was designed to be used mainly as a tool in the recording studio, the Recording featured a dual set of diagonal, low impedance pickups that could send output sounds directly to a recording console or as Les Paul did as he used this model for live shows, a flip of a switch activated the high end of the custom low/high impedance circuitry for use with a standard amp. The Les Paul Recording Model stayed in production until 1979, with several thousand guitars produced. Although much rarer than the mass produced Les Paul models, this has become a highly collectable guitar. Guitar lives in its hard-case.