Gibson S-1 (1975, Natural Wood)

Here an example of a Bill Lawrence inspired guitar, the 1975 Gibson S-1, Unlike the Les Paul models, the S-1, like the sister model the Gibson marauder was produced in relatively small numbers, mostly due to the lesser popularity versus the set neck Les Paul models. The S-1 was launched in 1975/6 and remained in production until 1980; being replaced by the composite material Gibson Sonex series around 1980. This Gibson type guitar was initially produced at Kalamazoo, but gradually production was transferred to the Nashville factory. The S-1, along with the Marauder and the Gibson Grabber Bass were Gibson’s mid-seventies budget guitar models; still a Gibson, and not cheap, but certainly not their lowest price electric. The guitar sports a body shape rather like a Les Paul, but has a bolt-on neck, similar to the Gibson Marauder. The body is made from poplar wood. The electrics are quite intriguing. There are phased tone settings via the Chicken-head  selector switch allowing for 4-pre set configurations. The main bass/treble is achieved with a two-way selector switch on the bottom horn of the body. The pick ups are the 3 Bill Lawrence design single coil pickups.  The neck is made from Canadian maple and shows some signs of near 40-year use as is the fingerboard, made from rosewood with dot inlays and the distinctive peghead headstock is of “Flying V-series” design.