2 comments on “Yamaha SG-3000s (1985, Goldtop)

  1. Beautiful example of a fine instrument. I have a black 3000s, which is also from the mid 80’s, along with an SG200 – are you able to give some assistance in relation to dating these instruments. There seems to be some conflicting information around? Thanks for posting !

    • Hi Marty, can you email me the pics of the instrument and especially the back of headstock on elitevintageguitars@outlook.com, also for confirmation can you lift one of the pick ups and let me know the printed text and number….if you see a number 59 it is 1984, if you see 49.. it is 1974 etc…. if your Sg-3000s is 1984 it should have. A59,if it’s 1983 it will have a 58 listed on the pick up…cheers J

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